Victim Support National Conference 2004

Booking procedure and notes for external organisations/individuals

The booking form [pdf] is for external organisations and/or for individuals who represent organisations other than Victim Support.

Delegate fees

The cost of attending the conference varies according to the number of nights you wish to stay. All meals and facilities are included in the cost unless otherwise stated.

There are two different types of accommodation at the University of Warwick, which are of different standards. The standard bedroom consists of a single room with no ensuite facilities. The ensuite bedroom consists of a single room with ensuite facilities. The differences are reflected in the prices.

If you are a non-residential delegate, your evening meals will not be provided. However, if you do wish to attend the private dinner on Wednesday 7 July, there will be an additional cost of £25.00.

Booking periods and deadlines

Please return your booking form [pdf] and conference sessions booking form [pdf] to the events team by 21 May.

If you have to cancel your place, please state this in writing to the events team. This is subject to an cancellation fee, as we do not have a budget to cover cancellation charges enforced by the University of Warwick. Delegates are advised to seek their own replacement before cancelling their place.

Conference sessions option form

Each delegate will have the opportunity to attend conference sessions. These will run over the three days of conference. Please choose different sessions for each day.

Please note that each session will have one of the following descriptions. Please only book on to a focus group session if you have the relevant knowledge or experience.

Please fill in the conference session option form indicating which sessions you would like to attend. Please indicate ten options in order of priority with number one being your first choice. We will endeavour to allocate delegates to their chosen sessions, but places are subject to availability.

Booking forms and payment

Full payment or a written invoice request must be sent with the booking form to secure a place. Phone or written reservations will not be accepted without payment. Cheques must be made payable to Victim Support and stapled to the booking form attached. Please also ensure that you take a copy of the booking form for your reference.

Joining instructions (which will include a receipt confirming your conference sessions alongside programme information) will be sent to you once your booking form and payment have been processed by the events team.

We are unable to make a booking if booking forms are filled incorrectly. They will be returned for further clarification, which will hold up booking your place.

Additional information

No twin rooms have been booked this year, as we cannot guarantee the standard of this accommodation. If you are travelling with a companion, please request rooms adjacent to one another and state this on the booking form.

If you have any dietary or access requirements then please do state this on the booking form. We will endeavour to make sure that your requirements are met. It is vital that you let Clare Flory know well in advance to prevent any problems during the conference.

Final note

Please return the following:

to: Clare Flory, Events Officer, Victim Support, Cranmer House, 39 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DZ.

If you have any queries about the National Conference then please contact Clare ( or via TextDirect 18002 0207 896 3947).