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Social Work Students

The Scheme offers student placements to those participating in the Diploma in Social Work. Placements are 50 and 80 days first and second year.

The Scheme gives an insight into the Criminal Justice system together with an opportunity to learn of other voluntary agencies in the community who have direct links to Social Services. There is an opportunity to work with a wide range of clients: young people to the elderly, males and females; minority groups. Students have contact with victims who have both short and longer term contact with Victim Support. Students undertake home visits, see people in the office consulting room, make telephone contact and support victims at Court. Placement at Victim Support fulfils all the competences required by CCETSW.

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New Deal Scheme

The Government New Deal Scheme gives an opportunity to undertake voluntary work. Basildon and Castle Point Victim Support has now had three New Deal workers. Each has had the opportunity to learn about victims of crime, continue with their Business Administration NVQ, and gain work experience at the same time in a friendly atmosphere. Our first two placements have now succeeded in finding employment and our third student is currently continuing with us to complete her NVQ.

In common with our usual practice all our students are interviewed prior to being offered a placement and we arrange for the same Police checks as are conducted in respect of our volunteers.

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The Trainer


Marjs qualifications:-

  • Certificate of Education in Post Compulsory Education and Training.
  • Accredited Practice Teacher for the Diploma in Social Work
  • D32 and D33 in NVQs

Marj has worked in Victim Support for 18 years and was involved in the initial Home Office funded research into the needs of families of murder and manslaughter victims.

Marj has presented training sessions to the following:

  • National Conference of Victim Support
  • Scottish National Conference.
  • Magistrates
  • Probation Officers
  • Social Workers
  • Health Workers
  • Police Officers
  • British Transport Police
  • Schemes in other areas

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