Basildon & Castle Point

Local Personnel

Basildon and Castle Point Victim Support has a small team of paid workers who are dedicated to providing support and assistance to victims, witnesses and the volunteers who meet victims at home or in the office and support witnesses at Court

Marj Warren Cert.Ed. Marj has been with the scheme since 1981

Previously with the Probation Service Marj is responsible for the day to day running of the Scheme- overseeing support of victims, creating awareness of the needs of victims and witnesses in the wider sphere of the community; recruiting and training and supervision of volunteers; supervision and training of students; some Essex responsibilities; setting up the Witness Service in Crown and Magistrates Courts.

Fran Kramer and Jan Lunn are our Scheme Assistants. Both joined on 1st April 1995. Fran and Jan do not see each other very often as they job share, each working a week in rotation, but the week beginning on Thursdays. Fran and Jan are responsible for the office administration, statistics, recording of victim and volunteer details, and will usually be the first contact telephone callers have with Victim Support.

Management Committee

Marj, Fran and Jan are employed by a  Management Committee who have all the usual responsibilities of employers. The Management Committee are Trustees responsible for the running of the scheme. It is composed of members of statutory agencies, and other local organisations. 

Members are:

Trevor Burns Chair; Peter Whent Vice Chair; 
Monty Martin - Secretary; Mark Spooner Treasurer; 
Molly Limage Volunteer Representative; 
Marion Bacchus; Anita Charley; Ken Venables;
DCI Paul Kreyling; DCI Graham Bird; Muriel Bick;
Jane David; Lisa Matthews.