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The Police refer in confidence the victims of the following incidents of crime:

  • Burglary

  • Assault

  • Robbery

  • Theft

  • Arson

  • Harassment

  • Damage to the home

What if a victim does not want Victim Support to be notified, this is recorded by the Police and the matter will not be referred.

In sensitive cases involving :

  • Sexual offences

  • Domestic violence

  • Road Death

  • Homicide

details will only be given to Victim Support if agreed by the Victim.

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Victim Support has a comprehensive range of leaflets giving advice and information on the incidents of crime referred. Copies of these may be obtained from the local Scheme or National Office.

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Victim Support offers emotional and practical support in absolute confidence.

  • Someone to talk to 

  • Information on Police and Court procedures

  • Liaison with other organisations on behalf of victims

  • Information on compensation

  • Contact with other sources of help

  • Arrange for volunteers to accompany people to the Police Station and to Court

  • Referral to other agencies.

Supportline email

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Prisoner Release.

When an offender gets 4 years or more in prison the victim or family should be contacted by the Probation Service within 2 months of the sentence starting. The victim can say if he or she wants to be told about release details. Full details can be advised by your local scheme and are in the Victims Charter.

You may have worries about receiving unwanted contact from a prisoner or anxieties about the temporary release, parole or release of a prisoner.

0345 585112  is the telephone number to contact.

Details of risk assessments to prisoners considered for parole and the release of prisoners may be found on the Parole Board site 
Full details of the Prison Service and prisons may be found on the Prison Service site 

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Victim Support is a member of the European Forum for Victim Services and supports.-

  • The social rights of victims of crime

  • Statement of victims rights in the process of criminal justice

  • Statement of victims rights to standards of service.

Working with other agencies on committees and in partnerships Victim Support is able to share good practice and generate new initiatives thus creating greater awareness of the needs of victims of crime and witnesses. National and local networks are established to provide a wider range of support/benefit to victims. All Schemes will have their own contacts to provide a comprehensive service to victims of crime.

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