Victim Support Manifesto 2001 - Introduction

Since the election in May 1997 there have been many developments which have benefited or will benefit victims and witnesses of crime. Victim Support welcomes these provisions, but, as most changes focus solely on the 3% of victims whose cases are dealt with by the criminal justice system, the vast majority of victims will not benefit. Victim Support is calling for greater emphasis on reducing the effects of crime on victims in the community.

For every 100 crimes against private individuals and their households:

(The 2000 British Crime Survey [pdf version] and Criminal statistics England and Wales 1999)

Reducing the effects of crime has been missed from criminal policy to date. There is no point in preventing future crime or dealing with offenders, if we are oblivious to the suffering which has already been caused by crime and take no action to alleviate it. The activities of social and criminal justice agencies must ensure that nothing is done to increase the distress or add to the problems of victims of crime causing secondary victimisation.

The effects of crime can be reduced by providing:

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