National strategy statement 2005-2008 - Being a learning organisation

Victim Support is recognised as a world leader in developing innovative services to victims and witnesses and in campaigning for victims' and witnesses' rights. But social changes demand that we constantly seek new ways of helping victims and witnesses. For example, recruitment of volunteers may become harder in some areas as people become more 'cash rich and time poor'. Meanwhile, the Government is increasingly placing the criminal justice system at the centre of services to victims. We recognise that the criminal justice system can only provide help to the very small minority of victims whose cases proceed to court and that our own services must extend more widely.

We will:

a. continue to improve our performance as a learning organisation that is flexible, innovative and able to adapt, by reviewing our services and structures regularly and taking action where needed

b. improve our ability, through research and the involvement of service-users in planning, to establish 'what works' in supporting victims and witnesses

c. extend our campaigning and policy work beyond criminal justice towards social policy. This is so that we can press for improvements in the extent to which social policy recognises the impact of crime on victims, and provides for their needs.

d. find new ways of attracting volunteers to Victim Support. This will include offering different styles of volunteering that are more flexible in terms of time commitment, and providing opportunities for people who are employed full-time to use volunteering with Victim Support as a means of developing their careers.

e. review and prioritise our service delivery in the light of information about service needs and the resources available to meet them

f. establish innovative ways of providing support which are responsive to the changing lifestyles of the people we support

g. work closely with other organisations to develop innovative practice in supporting victims and witnesses. By innovating, we will also enhance our public profile because innovation generates media interest.

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