National strategy statement 2005-2008 - Ensuring our independence

Victim Support is an independent voluntary organisation. While we work closely with national and local government, and the criminal justice system, our independence gives us the freedom to say and do whatever we think is necessary to benefit victims and witnesses. At the same time, we increasingly need to be able to demonstrate our competence in order to secure resources. Some of the actions listed in the section on enhancing professional standards, such as developing better performance measures, will improve our ability to do this.

But we also need to strengthen our independence by:

a. promoting Victim Support and our work with both victims and witnesses more effectively and with greater resources to make our identity and services more clearly known and understood. This includes clarifying that we provide a range of both generic and specialist services.

b. marketing ourselves more effectively as an independent charity in order to help victims who have not reported the crime to have confidence in our independence and to attract potential funders to support us

c. celebrating through our publicity what we have achieved in providing a service to diverse communities while acknowledging the work we still have to do

d. confirming our status as a charity in relation to any developments proposed by the government or by the local criminal justice boards

e. making sure that we benefit from the Government Compact with the voluntary and community sector by working with colleagues in the sector to promote and develop the Compact

f. investing more in our national and local fundraising

g. developing our work with local authority partnerships, particularly those that offer potential for sustainable income generation

h. recruiting more fundraisers and fundraising volunteers

i. developing more fundraising materials for local use to pay particularly for services for which statutory funding is not available. This includes most service provision outside the criminal justice process.

j. taking steps to improve our efficiency, use our resources responsibly and minimise costs, for example by pursuing automatic data transfer and central purchasing of goods and services.

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