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Election 2005

Want to see our PECS?

Our PECS - Post Election Challenges for the new government:

want to see our pecs?

  1. Help and support all victims, not just those who report crimes or go to court.
  2. Stop penalising victims on benefits who get criminal injuries compensation.
  3. Give more support to young witnesses in court.
  4. Pay compensation orders from public funds (and recover the money from offenders).
  5. Meet the needs of crime victims across all public services.
  6. Get rid of the 'postcode lottery' in funding for victim and witness services.
  7. Don't charge charities for checking if volunteers have criminal records.
  8. Make sure that victims know help is available, whether or not they tell the police.
  9. Crime will always be with us, so make a long-term commitment to helping victims and witnesses.

Are you up to the challenge? Help us make a better future for victims of crime. For more information, contact

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