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Witness Service

The Witness Service is organised by Dyfed Victim Support in all the Crown Courts and magistrates' courts in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

Most people have never been in court, nor given evidence. So when someone is warned to appear in court as a witness most people feel at least a bit anxious.

The Witness Service provides the witness with information and support before, during and after giving evidence in a trial. It is available for all witnesses, whether you are a witness for the defence or for the prosecution, or even if you are called as an 'expert'.

Our experienced volunteers can meet you on the day, show you the waiting area and wait with you making sure you know what is going on - when you will be called, for instance, or explaining court jargon and 'legalese'. If you are a witness for the prosecution they can also ensure you get the chance to read again the statement you gave to police.

If you are also the victim of the crime you may feel particularly vulnerable. Vulnerable witnesses, whether or not the victim, can have special measures taken in court to prevent them having to face their alleged attacker. These need to be arranged before the court date is set.

We can also arrange for witnesses to visit the court before the trial to see the room and to understand the procedure - practise taking the oath for instance.

Whatever your anxiety the witness service is there for you. Our service is free and is available to everyone. And we will respect your confidentiality.