Victim Support is a national charity which helps victims of crime. Each area has its own Victim Support scheme. Victim Support Harrow was set up in 1981 and covers the whole of the London Borough of Harrow.

At Victim Support Harrow, we help any Harrow resident to cope with the effects of crime. We provide:

- confidential support and information to victims of crime, their families, and to witnesses of crime (Victim Support), and
- confidential support and information ot people attending local courts as witnesses (Witness Service).

Our services are free, independent of the police or courts, and available to everyone - whether or not the crime has been reported, and whenever it happened.

You can find more information on this site about coping with crime, and about volunteering with Victim Support Harrow and the Witness Service.

If you would like to use our services or find out more, please contact us.

In 2005, we supported over 7500 victims of crime.

'...thank your wonderful organisation for all their help, guidance and dedication..'

'...saved me from slipping into a deep dark depression...'