Visual Evidence for Victims Project



Are you a victim of domestic abuse?

  domestic violence

Has your property been damaged?

criminal damage

Are you a victim of hate crime?


Not ready to report the crime to the police?
VEV can help if you are over 18 years of age

VEV stands for Visual Evidence for Victims

Victim Support staff and volunteers in Birmingham and Coventry are trained to take instant photographs of your injuries and/or damage to your property that has been caused by domestic or hate crime. These photographs can then be stored and used as evidence at a later date if you wish. The service is entirely free and confidential.

The evidence can be used for:-

The evidence will be:-

You will be treated with dignity, understanding and sensitivity.

This information belongs to you. Victim Support will not tell anyone else that they have this information. We can also advise you about other services available that can support you.

The VEV Project is funded by Birmingham Community Safety Partnership and Coventry Domestic Violence Partnership.

Branches offering VEV service:-
Birmingham Central & West
Birmingham E3
Birmingham South West
Birmingham North
Birmingham East
Victim Support Coventry