Victim Support welcomes move to record attacks against subculture individuals as hate crime

Published: 04 April 2019

04 April 2019
Police officer's belt with handcuffs and a truncheon

Greater Manchester Police is the first force in the UK to treat attacks on members of subcultures

Victim Support warmly welcomes Greater Manchester Police (GMP)'s decision to record attacks on members of subcultures, such as goths and emos, as hate crimes.

It is the first force in the UK to treat the offences in such a way. Previously hate crimes were only registered for offences against age, disability, faith, gender, gender identity, race or sexual orientation.

Javed Khan, Victim Support's Chief Executive, said: "Hate crime is hugely under reported so we welcome Greater Manchester Police's (GMP) move to record hate crime offences on people of subcultures such as goths. We would encourage all police forces in England and Wales to follow suit so we can have a clearer picture of the extent of these crimes on a national scale.

"Being a victim of hate crime can be a particularly frightening experience as people are victimised because of who they are or who the attacker thinks they are. Nobody should have to live with the fear and anxiety caused by hate crime."

Victim Support helps all victims of crime including hate crime.