Witness giving evidence in court

Help for witnesses

If you have witnessed a crime we can help you to cope with going to court by giving you information and support. Your family and friends who are attending court can get help too and we support witnesses for both the prosecution and defence. We also provide comprehensive support to children at court.

The Witness Service can give you:

  • someone to talk to confidentially, about how you're feeling before a trial
  • information about what to expect in court, including a chance to see the court beforehand and learn about court procedures
  • a quiet place to wait before you are called to give evidence 
  • someone to go with you into the courtroom if you want, to help you feel more at-ease 
  • practical help (for example with claiming your expenses)
  • easier access to people, such as court staff, who can answer specific questions about the case
  • a chance to talk over the case when it has ended and to get more help or information.

Like the rest of Victim Support, the Witness Service is free and independent of the police or courts. To get help now, contact your local Witness Service.