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Key events

1974 The first Victim Support scheme was set up in Bristol.
1978 Thirty similar schemes across England and Wales.
1979 The National Association of Victims Support Schemes (now known as Victim Support) registered as a charity with funding from private trusts and the Home Office's Voluntary Services Unit.
1980 The first paid national member of staff and part-time secretary were appointed. The National Office was set up in London and the first national newsletter published.
1981 First national conference. Victim Support had 67 member schemes handling 18,000 police referrals a year. A Code of practice was introduced to make sure that services were consistent and appropriate, and that every scheme had a local management committee.
1984 10th anniversary year. Our influence on Parliament emerged in the All Party Penal Affairs Group report A new deal for victims, and the Home Affairs Committee's publication Compensation and support for victims of crime.
1986 At least one Victim Support scheme in every county in England and Wales. A national committee was set up to develop a service in Northern Ireland.
1987 Our first funding from the Home Office towards our core work. Registered as a charitable company limited by guarantee.
1988 The Home Office published a new information leaflet for police to give to all victims reporting a crime, with information on compensation, Victim Support and crime prevention. A second leaflet gave information to victims and witnesses going to court.
1989 Victim Support launched the first victim/witness in court project and was instrumental in setting up the European Forum for Victim Services. February 22 was designated as European Victims' Day.
1990 The Victim's charter published by the Government with input from Victim Support.
1991 The Home Office agreed to fund the Crown Court Witness Service
1994 By now, we offered help to one million people a year. The Crown Court Witness Service was launched. The 20th anniversary of the first Victim Support branch in Bristol marked by the introduction of the sun and clouds logo and the launch of the first Victim Support Week in February.
1995We launched a campaign promoting victims' rights within the criminal justice system.
1996 National coverage for the Crown Court Witness Service.
1998 The national Victim Supportline launched.
1999 We marked 25 years of helping people affected by crime and gained Home Office funding to establish the Witness Service in all 550 magistrates' courts in England and Wales.
2001 Our work with colleagues in Europe resulted in new EU standards for victims of crime.
2002 We published a major new report, Criminal neglect, marking the beginning of a campaign to encourage policy makers beyond criminal justice to recognise and provide for the needs of victims of crime.
2003 We provided a Witness Service in every criminal court in England and Wales making it the most comprehensive service for victims and witnesses in the world. The Government promised a bill for victims of crime.
2004 Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Bill published, introducing a Code of Practice for all statutory organisations and Victim Support.

"Victim Support UK have given their best to develop the European Forum for Victim Services." Petra Kjallman, Victim Support Finland

"The Witness Service was really helpful, because they liaised between me and the court, answered lots of questions and explained the court procedures to me. They also helped to make sure that I didn't bump into certain people around the court." Stephanie, Leeds

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