Basildon & Castle Point

Fund Raising

Basildon and Castle Point Victim Support receives partial funding from the Home Office via the National Office. This covers only salaries and some running costs . All other running costs have to be obtained from the public to maintain the service.

Fund raising is no easy task. Grant applications have to be made to various sources, but take time and are not always successful. Recent donations have included :

  • Mayor of Castle Point Fund - 300
  • Basildon District Council - 4,000
  • Essex Police Property Fund - 1,000
  • Friends of Victim Support provide a tea facility at Court. Their activities are two fold to provide a service for witnesses and Court users and give donations to Victim Support. Volunteers are welcome. Contact the Scheme on 01268 273703.

Recent fund raising events organised by the Scheme have included:

  • 5 km Fun Run in Gloucester Park Basildon with the assistance of Basildon Council, Club Kingswood and Basildon Community Housing Association.

The latest Fun Run on Sunday 18th June 2000 raised 1,177.Many thanks to our sponsors and  the 140 runners who participated.

  •  Quiz nights are the ever popular standby fund raising event but create a lot of fun as well as focus on the Scheme.   We are anticipating that our next quiz will be in November.

To make a donation please contact us:

Craylands Hall,
 Norwich Walk,
  Basildon, Essex
Tel: 01268 273703 
Email :