Victim Support service

The emotional scars of a crime can be felt by a victim long after any physical wounds have healed. For some people the crime can be quickly forgotten enabling the person to move on. For others the crime can be an intolerable burden, to be re-experienced many times over.

In Victim Support we know that each individual reacts differently to the crime they experience.

That's why, although we offer our services to thousands, we don't expect every victim of crime to want our help. For those who do we are more than ready to listen and to make practical suggestions that help the victim to get back to normality. Some victims we only visit once - others appreciate our support for weeks or months.

In Victim Support we know our way around the system. We can find out how the case is progressing, or help complete a Criminal Injuries Compensation form. As a victim you may be called to give evidence in court. Our witness service provides impartial information in the court building, but your victim support volunteer may also attend court if you wish.

Our service is free and is available to everyone - you do not have to have reported the crime to the police to get help from Victim Support. And we will respect your confidentiality.