We have designed this site to provide easy, quick and convenient access to information about our services to all people who may need them. We believe the site offers reasonable levels of accessibility - we have checked the site with a variety of browsers, including a text browser and a voice browser, and believe it works acceptably.

However, Victim Support is always looking for ways to improve its websites, so please report any accessibility or usability difficulties to

Changing the way your browser displays a page.

There are a few simple things you can do to enhance the accessibility of this site.

Firstly, you can easily modify the text size of your browser:

Internet Explorer (versions 5 and 6) - select View from the menu bar, then Text size and then the size the wish to use.

Opera (version 6) - select View from the menu bar, then Zoom and then the magnification size you want.

Mozilla - select View from the menu bar, then Text size and then select the size you want.

We are sorry if your favourite browser is not listed here - we have chosen these browsers as they account for over 90% of all browsers in use (December 2002 data from

It is also possible to remove or override the effects of the style sheet used to control the display and layout of this site.

In Internet Explorer (version 6) select Tools from the menu bar, then Internet options, then Accessibility and, finally, select how you want to handle our style sheets and any which you may created for your own use.

Opera (version 6) offers many features for controlling accessibility. These may be accessed by selecting File on the menu bar, then Preferences and then working with either the Accessibility options, the Fonts and colors options, the Page style options or the Multimedia options or any combination of these.

If you are using Mozilla the appearance of a page can be modified by selecting View from the menu bar and then Use stylesheet. It is also possible to alter fonts and colors by selecting Edit from the menu bar, then Preferences, then Appearance and, finally, Fonts or Colours.

Access keys

The following access keys have been defined for the main navigational elements of this site:

The key combination that has to be used to activate the access keys depends on your browser and operating system. For Windows, for example, it is usually the Alt key and the appropriate letter.