Practical help


If you have been injured or if your property has been damaged or stolen as a result of crime, you may be able to get compensation.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

People injured through violent crime can apply for a payment under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. It does not matter whether the offender has been caught, but there are other rules which determine whether or not you receive any money. Victim Support can explain how you can claim Criminal Injuries Compensation and can help you make your claim or you can find more information on the website of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Compensation from the offender

If someone is convicted, the criminal court may order the offender to pay you compensation for any injury, loss or damage which you have suffered because of the crime. If the offender receives a prison sentence, the court will not usually order him or her to pay compensation. A police officer should talk to you about whether you would like the court to consider making a compensation order.

Civil proceedings

Whether or not the offender is convicted in the criminal courts, you can sue him or her for damages in a civil court. You can find out more about this at your local Citizen's Advice Bureau or by asking a solicitor.

Crime prevention

Unfortunately, some people who have been the victim of crime are more vulnerable, in the short term, to further crime. You may be able to take steps now to help reduce the risk of it happening again. Victim Support can help you to get crime prevention advice, either through the police or other local agencies. Some Victim Support branches provide crime prevention advice themselves and may run specialist services (eg lock fitting services).


Crime can have an enormous impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. We have found that most people find it extremely helpful to talk about their feelings after a crime. Sharing your feelings and finding out that many other people feel the same way can help to make you less frightened or angry. We do not offer a counselling service but we can refer people on for psychological help or counselling.

If you have been injured, you may be entitled to claim Criminal Injuries Compensation.


Having somewhere safe to live is essential for everyone; and particularly so for victims of crime. Feeling unsafe at home can prevent some people from recovering from their experience, especially if there has been violence in the home.

If you have problems with getting repairs done, improvements to security put in place, or need re-housing, your local authority housing department may be able to help. If you are a victim of domestic violence and need a safe place to go, Women's Aid may be able to help. Victim Support can act as advocates on behalf of people with housing difficulties, or can help you to find legal advice or refer you on.


We can help you if you need help with filling in insurance claim forms.

Social security benefits

Contact your local social security office or the Benefit Enquiry line (0800 88 22 00). Your local Citizen's Advice Bureau can also advise you about entitlement to benefits.

We can also help you to find financial or legal advice and have a good knowledge of local agencies and contacts.