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Why Victim Support?

Victim Support is the national charity which helps victims of crime. Trained volunteers provide free, confidential support and advice following crimes ranging from burglary and assault to rape and murder.

People react to crime in many ways although most victims don't suffer long term harm, both adults and children can be seriously affected and often need help in order to recover

People often need

  • Someone to talk to.
  • Information on police and court procedures.
  • Reassurance and emotional support.
  • Information and support when attending court
  • Help with compensation and insurance.
  • Crime prevention advice.
  • Help with housing or benefit problems.
  • Contact with other local organisations

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How Victim Support helps

Victim Support volunteers help victims of crime in different ways.

  • Visiting victims of crime –

  • Volunteers, based with Victim Support schemes, visit victims in their homes and offer practical and emotional help

  • Helping victims in court –

  • Volunteers, based with Crown Court Witness Services, give information and support to victims and witnesses attending trials.

  • Publicity and fundraising –

Volunteers help in many other ways for example on management committees with publicity and fundraising, interpreting and training or with legal advice. People with practical skills are sometimes needed to help with repairs after burglary

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Volunteers urgently needed

We look for volunteers who are understanding and good listeners and who can get on with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Anyone can apply. No previous experience of this kind of work is necessary.

All Victim Support volunteers are given training before they help victims. Further training is available for some volunteers who wish to work with people who have suffered serious crimes like women victims of sexual violence and families of murder victims, we aim for the highest professional standards in our work and we attach great importance to the training our volunteers receive.

Some volunteers work several hours a week, while others offer occasional help. Volunteer visitors can work during the day, or in the evenings or at weekends, Court volunteers need to be free to work during the day.

Volunteers are not paid but they receive their travelling and some other expenses"

What's in it for you?

Most people volunteer for Victim Support because they want to help people. Volunteers are rewarded by seeing the difference Victim Support can make to people whose lives have been shattered by crime.

As a volunteer you will receive training and supervision, meet new people and have the satisfaction of learning to deal with issues you may not have experienced before. Working with victims of crime will also help you develop skills and qualities which will be useful in other areas of your life.

Would you like to help?

All Victim Support and Witness Service volunteers who work with victims are given:

  • Training which includes the effects of crime, listening skills, court procedures and compensation

  • Support and supervision from the co-ordinator of the local Victim Support scheme or Witness Service, 

  • Regular meetings with other volunteers

  • All out of pocket expenses to cover costs like telephone and travel.

  • Insurance cover.

There may also be:

  • Opportunities for further training for people wanting to support victims of serious crimes.

  • The chance to attend conferences seminars and meetings.

 If you can help Victim Support contact your local scheme or contact for more information and a referral to your local scheme.

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