Donating to Victim Support

contact us to find out about supporting victim support's work Around one and a half million people are referred to Victim Support for help every year and many others contact us directly, whether or not they have chosen to report a crime. The only reason we can offer help to so many people is because over 14,000 trained volunteers give freely of their time and energy to support victims of crime in their local community. Recruiting, training and supporting this vast volunteer workforce is a huge and expensive, but essential, part of our work.

You can help us by:

As an independent charity Victim Support must raise money to carry out its vital work in every community in England and Wales. Money is raised through events, corporate partnerships, trusts and foundations, and sales of Christmas cards and merchandise. The Home Office also provides support through an annual grant which helps cover some of the running costs of the National Office, local branches in the community and in the criminal courts and the Victim Supportline.

Although Victim Support is meeting the needs of so many people, there is much more we could do if only the funds were available. Areas of work for which we urgently need funds include:

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