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Victim Support is the national organisation for crime victims, witnesses, their families and friends. Through our federation of 90 local charities we provide information, practical help and emotional support as well as promoting the rights of people affected by crime. We offer a range of services, whether or not a crime has been reported. These are delivered locally by our employees and our volunteers who are trained to help people cope with the effects of crime. We are an independent voluntary organisation working alongside the criminal justice system, government, and other organisations nationally and in local communities.

Our services are based on the principle of community involvement - for many people, the expression of concern by a fellow citizen can be very helpful in repairing the harm done by crime. Our aim is to ensure that our employees, volunteers and our trustees reflect the diversity of the communities in which they work and that our services are equally accessible to all.

As few of our local charities can afford the luxury of HR support we are keen to build up our Employment Panel of volunteer HR practitioners who are able to devote some of their free time to provide expert HR advice and support.

The Employment Panel aims to:

As one our Employment Panel members you will be involved in providing advice and support in a variety of challenging situations - restructurings, running workshops, developing managers' HR skills, resolving disputes including carrying out the investigations, advising on recruitment and selection etc.

We can offer you the opportunity to gain personal and professional rewards through being able to develop a wider portfolio of skills in the voluntary sector.

Listed below is a set of documents which will tell you more about Victim Support and the role of Employment Panel member and also some forms for you to complete and return which will give us some basic information about you.

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Cover letter

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General information

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Role description

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Expression of interest form

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HR experience questionnaire [pdf] [doc]

Geographical locations questionnaire

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Equal opportunities form

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