Children in court - Part 1

Appendix V

Referral mechanism and procedures

Crown Court Witness Service

The Witness Service has agreed a mechanism with Police and Social Services to notify the service of any cases involving child witnesses. This is so that the service, including the independent adult role, as described in the role description can be offered to the child and carer. The attached referral form will be used for this purpose.

The Witness Service co-ordinator will therefore:

work in co-operation with court staff and in particular the CLO

check CPS have received the nomination of the Witness Service as the independent adult from the Police/Social Services. The CPS can include this information at the PDH

supply the name of the volunteer to the court after the trial date is known, probably after the first PDH. At the PDH the Judge will ask the Prosecution if the Witness Service are to be nominated as the independent adult. The court may include this information at the subsequent PDH or a Mention

Allocate a volunteer to the child after the trial date is known

Ensure the volunteer signs a Witness Statement form (see attached) on completion of the visit(s). The form will be forwarded to the CLO for circulation and inclusion in the case file.


Witness Statement for trial and for referrals forms

Referral of child witnesses form

Victim Support

January 1995

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