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New rights for victims of crime in Europe

In 2001 the Council of Ministers of the European Union agreed the Framework Decision on the standing of victims in criminal proceedings. This Framework Decision is groundbreaking in that it sets out minimum standards for the treatment of victims of crime (and their families) that will apply throughout the EU. These standards will have a particular impact for those travelling abroad, ensuring that help and support is available.

Members of Victim Support in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland have been closely involved in these developments and we were delighted when the Framework Decision was formally adopted by the European Union in March 2001. New rights for victims of crime, published on 24 June 2019, is our response to the recommendations of the Framework Decision.

The following resources are available on this website:

For more information please contact:

England, Wales & Northern Ireland
National Office: Cranmer House, 39 Brixton Road
London SW9 6DZ
Telephone: 020 7735 9166 Fax: 020 7582 5712

Republic of Ireland
National Office: Haliday House, 32 Arran Quay
Dublin 7
Telephone: 01 8780870 Fax: 01 8780944

National Office: 15/23 Hardwell Close
Edinburgh EH8 9RX
Telephone: 0131 668 4486 Fax: 0131 662 5400

Other European services

Below is a list of websites of other services for victims of crime in Europe. These organisations are members of the European Forum for Victim Services. The list is not comprehensive as not all members of the European Forum have websites yet.

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