National Office strategic plan 2005-2008 - Valuing people

People are at the centre of everything we do. Working with the diversity of the communities we serve is central to our ability to provide an effective, accessible service. We need to continue to ensure that all our personnel, staff, volunteers and trustees, are fully representative of the community and have the competencies required for their role. This is so that our work is relevant to all our service users and stakeholders, and so that we will retain our credibility. This involves more than just hoping people will want to work with us or use our services. It involves taking positive action to engage with people who at present do not come to Victim Support. This includes service users and potential staff, volunteers and trustees. We want a working environment which involves its people and operates consistent and transparent people management practices that apply at every level.

To do this we will:

a. Implement our Diversity statement and refine our equal opportunities policies. This will involve taking action to achieve a profile of our volunteers and staff, and of our trustees in particular, that reflect the communities from which they are drawn.

In year one, we shall:

By year three, we shall have achieved the stated objective.

b. Continue to develop the work of our Diversity Forum and equip it with resources to strengthen its contribution to the production and implementation of diversity action plans at a national and local level.

In year one, we shall work to secure funds for the appointment of a national diversity officer and ensure that every region is properly represented on the Diversity Forum.

c. Improve our equal opportunities monitoring process and ensure best practice in the way our personnel are recruited, inducted and trained.

In year one we shall:

By year three, we shall have developed a range of tools for use with staff, trustees and volunteers. Our equal opportunities monitoring processes will produce comprehensive, accurate and timely information.

d. Increase the range and scope of learning opportunities for volunteers, staff and trustees.

In year one, we shall:

By year three, we shall have put in place a comprehensive range of flexible learning opportunities suitable for all personnel.

e. Update our personnel management and development tools.

In year one, we shall ensure compliance and best practice with the new age discrimination legislation

By year three, we shall have reviewed and revised the Employment guidelinesand have extended the guidance to volunteers and trustees.

f. Strive to implement realistic pay, conditions and benefits, recognising that trustees must aim to ensure there are sufficient funds, from public or private sources, to set salaries to a level sufficient to attract and retain the best staff.

In year one, we shall undertake a thorough review of the variety of different paid posts within the organisation, and the salary levels associated with these.

By year three, we shall have developed a framework on pay, conditions and benefits.

g. Broaden the composition of trustee boards using effective recruitment methods and clear trustee competencies.

In year one, we shall identify the necessary competencies for effective governance, producing tools for achieving a broad composition of skilled trustees.

By year three, we will have put into effect a consistent and skills-based recruitment practice for trustees.

h. Develop a leadership programme for our senior managers, and implement a career professional development programme for other staff, trustees and volunteers.

In year one, we shall:

By year three, we shall have:

i. Equip all our personnel with the IT skills needed for their roles.

In year one, we shall:

By year three, we shall have developed a set of competencies and associated guidance for all major IT tasks and roles.

j. Provide greater opportunities for victims and witnesses to contribute their ideas, insights and experiences to our work, if they wish to do so.

In year one, we shall:

By year three, we shall:

k. Support and empower all personnel to become more effective ambassadors for Victim Support to help raise our profile and credibility with every community.

In year one, we shall produce a toolkit to assist members in making a range of presentations to the community.

By year three, we shall have implemented the relevant recommendations in the internal communications strategy.

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