National strategy statement 2005-2008 - Developing our partnerships

We will confirm Victim Support as the lead organisation for victims and witnesses whose role includes mobilising community resources. This means that we will not always provide a service ourselves, where another local organisation is better placed to meet victims' and witnesses' service needs. We also need to strengthen our involvement with statutory partnerships such as local criminal justice boards. Through this, we can continue to have a real influence on local, as well as national, policy towards victims and witnesses at a time when Government is taking a more active role in setting priorities for work with victims and witnesses. We will focus on improving our involvement in partnerships by:

a. making sure that, where our resources allow it, we are involved in local and national partnerships concerning services to victims and witnesses, such as domestic violence and hate crime forums

b. continuing to work closely with our colleagues in Victim Support Scotland to ensure consistent services and policies throughout the UK

c. introducing opportunities and developing provisions for associate membership, so that other organisations working with victims and witnesses can be more closely associated with Victim Support. This is a powerful demonstration of commitment to partnership that will enable us to support our partners while helping them to monitor their standards of service delivery.

d. defining our role and the services we will offer and being active in local criminal justice boards, local strategic partnerships, and crime and disorder reduction partnerships so that Victim Support has a central role in their work and we are well placed to take up any funding opportunities

e. working with local criminal justice boards to inform their work in identifying organisations that provide appropriate services to victims and witnesses

f. seeking to work with a range of national organisations on joint campaigns for the rights of victims and witnesses

g. doing preparatory work with selected local and national voluntary organisations to enable us to join together as consortia for the provision of services that are subject to competitive tender

h. continuing to co-operate with partner organisations in Europe and beyond for the purposes of promoting the rights of victims internationally and also the development of services in our own and other countries.

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