National strategy statement 2005-2008 - Our vision

For victims and witnesses

By 2008, the needs and rights of victims, witnesses, their families and their friends will be (better) recognised and understood by the government, statutory agencies and the general public.

They will be recognised not just for their role in the criminal justice process, but more importantly in their own right, whether or not they have reported the crime.

Through this recognition, better provision will be in place to help all people affected by crime cope with their experience.

There will be real choice available for victims and witnesses who want support, and services will be accessible to every member of each community who has service needs as a victim of crime or as a witness.

For Victim Support

By 2008, we will have confirmed our position at the centre of service provision for victims and witnesses, even when we might not always be the service provider directly.

Victim Support will be known and our services will be understood in every community.

We will clearly communicate the way in which we add value to local communities. We will achieve this through a clear statement of our purpose and values, by being known for the professionalism of our services, and through having strong relationships with other providers of quality services.

We will have established a more diverse and reliable funding base to sustain our work and set in place new, 21st century methods of providing our services.

Our strategy is built on five key themes which reflect our values.

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