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Quality and standards

Victim Support's national association has a dedicated quality and standards inspectorate which operates independently from the rest of National Office. Its objectives are to:

Its inspection reports are written for Victim Support Areas and the Funding Panel of the national association and they inform decisions about the renewal of funding. They are also public documents and can be viewed below.


In addition to full inspections, the department also has a model for self-assessment, against a checklist of around 150 questions. Where this is used as a basis to renew funding, it is 'tested' by a one day visit from an inspector and a brief, two page summary is submitted to the Funding Panel.

Another key feature of the work of the department is its participation in, and contribution to, joint inspections, carried out by the five inspectorates of the criminal justice bureaucracies - police, courts, the Crown Prosecution Service, probation and prisons. Joint inspections look at the functioning of local criminal justice boards, and their success in addressing issues such as improving public confidence in the criminal justice system, and in particular, at enhancing the services to victims and witnesses.

The Q&S Department has been involved in all such inspections to date, and through them has strengthened the focus given in joint inspections to victim and witness issues.


*Victim Support's services in the community and in court (the Witness Service) are organised into 'Areas', generally along county lines, which operate as independent charities affiliated to the national association.

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