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Post traumatic stress disorder

Most people who experience a traumatic and stressful event, such as a crime, will feel emotional about it. These feelings are usually very strong, but they usually decrease as time goes by, and eventually disappear. However you've been affected, we can provide information and support to help you cope with your feelings.

A few people may find that their symptoms do not improve, and perhaps get worse. They may experience a severe, long-lasting reaction after a crime known as post traumatic stress disorder. This is a medical term used to describe a pattern of symptoms found in a person who has been traumatised. The symptoms are different for everyone but may include nightmares and flashbacks, sleeping problems, depression, and other physical and mental problems.

Many people affected by post traumatic stress disorder find it helpful to talk to a medical expert, such as their GP, who might be able to arrange some specialist counselling or help. However, there can be a waiting list for counselling so you may find it helpful to contact us for help and support in the meantime.

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