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Domestic violence

victim of domestic violenceIt's a crime for someone you know to attack you in your own home or elsewhere. They might be your partner, ex-partner, relative, or other member of your household.

People who assault those close to them are known as abusers. Abusers try to exercise power and control over other people by making them feel scared and intimidated. They may do this by using physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual assault. They may start with name-calling and threats and move onto violent acts which may become worse and more frequent over time.

This sort of violence is never your fault. Nobody has the right to abuse you in this way. You may be made to feel responsible and guilty for the abuse but the problem lies with the abuser.

People who suffer this kind of abuse often stay in the situation, for many different reasons. Perhaps you fear leaving as you worry your abuser will try and stop you and become even more violent. Perhaps you rely on your abuser for financial support or worry about losing access to your children. You may also enjoy the good times and keep hoping it won't happen again.

You do not have to suffer in silence. Our volunteers can help you by talking with you, providing emotional support and helping you to explore the choices that are open to you. And if you decide at any stage that you do want to leave, we can give you information on health, housing, and social security benefits. We will prioritise your safety and confidentiality if you choose to talk to us.

The decision to take action against your abuser may be a difficult one. But if you do decide, at any time, that you want to report the abuse to the police, we can provide information and support. We can also support you if you choose to go to court.

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