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Have you been called as a witness to a court martial?

These pages will explain what help you can expect from the Witness Service and how to contact us for free and confidential support.

Our service includes:

What is the Witness Service?

The Witness Service is entirely independent of the military and provides free and confidential support during your time at court.

We are a part of Victim Support, the national charity which supports people affected by crime. Victim Support has a long history of supporting victims and witnesses of crime.

The service is provided by volunteers who have gone through an intensive training programme and work with victims and witnesses at criminal courts in England and Wales.

What can I expect from the Witness Service?

We can show you around a court room ahead of the trial. We can give you information on court procedures and we can even go with you into court when you give your evidence, if that is what you want.

We will be there, with you in the waiting room, to keep you informed about what is going on or just to keep you company. And, if you wish to sit quietly, our volunteers will not intrude.

Who is the service offered to?

This service is offered to victims and witnesses who have been called to attend a courts martial in the UK, in Germany and rest of the world (excluding war zones).

This includes everyone, service or civilian.

Won't I get support from the staff at the courts centre?

Although the Military Court Service staff will do everything they can to keep you informed, they do have other duties and you may wish to have someone who is independent to explain things to you and be with you during the trial. That's where we come in.

Many witnesses are nervous when they come to court, and a lack of information can make things worse.

Witness Service volunteers can act as a liaison between you and court staff, and we can keep you informed about the progress of the trial while you are waiting.

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