Northern Ireland Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) 2002

The tariff

On 1 May 2019, the new CICS tariff-based compensation scheme came into effect in Northern Ireland. The tariff-based scheme provides compensation to victims of violent crime on or after 1 May 2019.

The tariff scheme is based on Sir Kenneth Bloomfield's recommendations from his Review of criminal injuries compensation in Northern Ireland (1999). In this review, Sir Kenneth recommended that Victim Support receive funding to help people through the application process. Since the review, Victim Support has received funding and implemented its new Criminal Injuries Compensation Service to provide emotional and practical support to enable people to apply for compensation via a free and confidential service delivered by trained staff and volunteers.

Victim Support believes that the new tariff scheme is:

More straightforward

Even though the application is relatively straightforward, help and advice is available, free of charge.


Since legal negotiations aren't part of this scheme, applications will be processed much more quickly.


Payments are fixed for specific injuries. Each person with the same injury will receive the same amount of money.

More direct involvement and control for the applicant

People now have more direct involvement and greater control over their applications.


If a person's award is denied or reduced, the Compensation Agency will give them the exact reason for the decision.

More inclusive

Discretion at appeals

The appeals process, which is no longer part of the courts, is non-threatening for applicants and discretion can be used by the Appeals Panel to consider factors that might affect someone's claim.

Applying for compensation

What you must do immediately (within 48 hours)

The application

The application form is quite simple to understand. You can choose to:

The form is available from Victim Support branches, police stations, other voluntary agencies or directly from the Compensation Agency at:

The Compensation Agency
Royston House
34 Upper Queen Street Belfast
Tel: 029 9024 9944

Using Victim Support - our Criminal Injuries Compensation Service

There is no charge for any Victim Support service. If you would like help from trained staff and volunteers, we can: